Training #101

OK, so you can ride a bike, but you want to improve … 

Maybe you’ve entered a race or an event, or you have a goal or target in mind?

… or perhaps your fitness has hit a wall, you’ve plateaued in some way and looking to improve further? 

… or you simply want to optimise your time on the bike in order to get the most from it?

You’re thinking, its time to do some training … instead of simply riding around aimlessly in the hope that you will somehow improve?

Sound familiar? Then read on!

There are all kinds of reasons for training and all sorts of training plans around. Training means lots of things to lots of people, and it can get super complicated or just be super simple.

Perhaps it all sounds just a bit too painful though, or no fun, too restrictive or structured, or you’re struggling to find something that fits your lifestyle? 

Don’t give up – FYZYCL is here to help!

This part of the site is all about helping you to better understand the important aspects of your training needs and how to better fulfill them in order to not only get you a lot closer where you want to be but also get some enjoyment and fulfillment out of your riding along the way. 

Training is a huge topic and can get very complex – below I’ve highlighted some of the more important aspects of training that you will need to consider to get you started.  

Over time we’ll dig into each of these, adding posts to the site to explore each topic in more detail with the aim of helping you train smarter, get you closer to your goals, and have fun doing it!

  • Training Basics – what is it,  basic principles you need to know, how does it work and who needs it anyway?
  • Settings goals and targets – Focus and objectives, what are you training for?
  • Let’s get mental – training goes way beyond the physical. Mental fitness and preparation is key.
  • Learning how to train – what to know before you start. Types of training, building experience, understanding the (long term) importance of everything you are doing.
  • Busting through the science – essential terminology and concepts. Plus related hardware, software and apps. Interpreting data and what it all means to you.
  • Workouts and training plans – so many options, so many types of training.  Which one is best (for you) and which one should you choose? Resources, approaches, structures, indoors or out, tips and tricks, building your own workouts or training plans.  
  • Performance tests – in short how you know if what you are doing is working?  Explanations, examples, comparisons, ideas, which one to choose?
  • Nutrition and hydration – understanding how and when to fuel both on and off the bike is essential. Plus gels, supplements, meat vs plant based, home made options and food recipes. 
  • Injury, illness, recovery and prevention – despite your best efforts sometimes things happen. How to adjust goals and targets and get back on track. 
  • Equipment setup and how to’s – choosing and setting up your bike, cycling kit, heart rate monitors, head units, power meters, indoor trainers, training platforms, rocker plates, pain caves. 

I’m excited about all this, so bookmark FYZYCL now and check back for regular updates 

Tell us your own thoughts about training or add topics that you want us to cover in the comments section below.

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Training #101

OK, so you can ride a bike, but you want to improve …  Maybe you’ve entered a race or an event, or you have a

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