What’s Fyzycl all about?

(aka: mission statement)
Fyzycl (read: physical) 

… is about helping you enjoy your own health and fitness journey no matter what that is. 

Being better informed so you can make the best decisions for you

Getting fit, staying fit, avoiding injury and illness, setting goals, reaching targets, making plans, improving nutrition, better understanding equipment, learning about maintenance and whatever else relates to any or all of that. 

Fyzycl aims to have fun and make the kind of information you want accessible, providing you with a better understanding and more knowledge than you came here with.

How? Guidance, advice, how to’s, mental toughness tips, psychological tricks, maintenance and buying guides or suggestions, product reviews, information on training, nutrition, technology … any way we can to help make your Fyzycl life better!

Cycling will be in primary focus to start with (indoor and out), with perhaps smatterings of tips and info on inline speed skating, running, swimming, and maybe a few off topic ramblings on motorbikes, cars, 3d printing, arduino, ESP32 and other cool / random life hacks.

The hope in doing all this is to help you be the best you can be at whatever you want to do, and to enjoy doing whatever that may be.

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… and check back regularly!

… in the meantime I will get to writing more content and figuring out newsletters, etc soon.